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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Musicians, tabla and sarod, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I just thought of sharing some old sketches I did, a long time ago...  as I've not spotted any more musicians yet this week.


  1. Elanine, I love the ease of your ink lines on the musicians. Nice!!

  2. Oh your very good Elaine. I enjoyed all your sketching.

  3. Powerful sketches Elaine - are they done with black ink and dip-pen, or ink with a brush? I love the effect.
    What I love about the second one are the minimal lines, which leave the eye to complete the picture.

  4. These are great Elaine, you are so good with the brush pen. Wonderful postures and shapes of the instruments and musicians.

  5. I love the drummer! And although this picture is just black and white - and I admire that - I can see a lot of colors looking at it. I watch it and see black and white a then a lot of colors are exploding in front of my inner eyes....
    I hope you can understand what I mean.
    ciao Beate

  6. Thanks everyone! In drawing these, I was using a Japanese brush pen that I'd just brought back from my trip to Japan (where I met my future husband -- but I didn't know that yet at this stage). I was exploring ways to use it and finding it tricky. So I'm very pleased that you're liking these drawings. Beate -- I think it's as Jez said -- the minimal lines lead the viewer to complete the picture in their mind -- perhaps that is why you're seeing colors as you look at these?

    By the way, I've been overwhelmed with other activities lately so BIG apologies for not commenting individually on everyone's great posts on this theme. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the musical memories thoughts and stories that I am feasting on when I come here to see what's new.


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