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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Music and Musicians Theme Carol Ann

I attempted the drummer with water color.   A funky type.
 Having  colored splash on  drums and on t-shirt. Spiked up hair with some reddish color.

 I like to watch two hours of  have you got talent with  the four judges to-night so enter to-days Theme now.  I will drop in to-morrow and  comment  on   yours.

I am enjoying all of yours and the new person as well.
I would say we sure all got talent on Music and Musicians  .  


  1. Carol Ann, I'm really enjoying your sketches of the musicians. They are so fun!

  2. Thank you Joan for the nice comment. I am enjoying the theme also.

  3. Love the drummer Carol, he's full of life and movement. And the background is good too, it also adds movement.
    You are so good at this type of sketching, and it is fun to look at

  4. I am getting the feel of it I think. Thank you Jez for your encouragement and others.

    I did not know if I should of brought another leg down beside the drum or leave as is. This is what I have to learn.

    I have a lots to learn sketching but loving it all. I am so glad I came in here and joined you guys and gals as I get also excited to see others work and yours is one of course. I hope your feeling a wee better Jez. I will let you know when the love gift comes to my door but being so far away. It will take time. So you take care and thank you good man he mailed it. Bless him and you.

    Carol Ann

  5. As to the leg, I think it is just right as it is - it helps to give the feeling of the drummer constantly shifting his position, and at the moment it is behind the drum. Jez

  6. He is great! Such spunk! A drummer should always have spunk. :)


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