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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Music and Musicians, French Chanteuse by Joan Tavolott

When my husband and I visited Paris he wanted to go to see a real cabaret performance with a French chanteuse...but not a real "showy" one with the dancers. He has always loved Edith Piaf. So I did some research on the internet and found a place called Aux Trois Mailletx on Rue Galande. There was someone playing the piano and singing throughout the evening changing every few hours. This young woman was fantastic and sang French songs as well as some American "pop" standards. She was so good we went back a second time to hear her. I sketched this from a short video I had taken of her with my camera.

I wish I could link the video but apparently I would have to upload it to YouTube first and I've never tried that.


  1. Beautiful loose painting of the chanteuse. How I would have loved that experience.
    We love Piaf, and once we were lucky enough to see the musical drama 'Piaf' by Pam Gems in Manchester long ago. We were knocked over by it. I believe it did transfer to Broadway. The movie is probably more a better representation of her life. Certainly Je ne regrette rien is the right way to feel in later life.
    Gorgeous contrast of colours in the sketch, and her hair and the brickwork are beautifully done.

    1. Thanks, Jez. It was different working from the video I took. I would stop it when I thought her mouth looked like she was singing, and it would stop a second later instead. lol It was a really fun place and if we ever go back to Paris, I'm sure we will go there again.

  2. This is a beautiful watercolor.

  3. Such a lovely painting Joan. I bet you can still hear her when simply looking at the picture.

  4. I found this Joan as you don't have your email anywhere that I can send this private to you of her. I found for you this.

    Her voice

    Carol Ann

  5. I picked video when I copy and pasted this and I listen to La Vie En Rose first it will say buffer which it is recording it for oyu. So wait a second.

    Then you have choices what video songs you want to hear. You will see that when you open it up. I picked what I wrote. She sings beautiful. Your picture of her is beautiful also Joan.

    I hope this has been some help.


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