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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Music and Musicans, Bass Player by Joan Tavolott

This is the third (and last) musician that goes with the last two guitar players.
It was fun to do them separately. I don't think I would want to do all three in the same sketch. lol

Here is the photo reference I used for the three sketches.


  1. Yes, a great sketch of the bassist! As well as the preveous members!

  2. Another great painting of the rather serious young man who makes up the trio. I think we are all concentrating on hand positions, so it's good that the theme makes us focus hard on them. You've got the hands and arms really well here.
    One of the interesting things about musicians is how they come to choose which instrument/s they want to play. The double bass is one of those instruments that make me wonder about it …… though that's nothing compared with the harp, I suppose.
    The three sketches would look good as a triptych.

    1. I think in some ways the instruments find the players! :) Also, there are stereotypical personalities. Like for the bass, usually they're a little more laid-back and fun, the jokesters in the orchestra (at least in the classical world)

  3. You really caught his expression well, and also his hand are perfect! I always think hands are the hardest part! lol Great job!


  4. Thanks everyone! I would have sketched the trio that day in the park, but I was with the NYC Urban Sketchers and we were moving from one location in the park to another. I'm not in any way musical, so I try to pay careful attention to the hand positions. Enjoy!

  5. Absolutely excellent. I love sketches like this. You matched it really well. Blessings, Janet PPF

  6. Joan you drew this young guy spot on. Your a gem.

  7. You got this just like it looked. Nice work!

  8. Thanks Margaget, JKW, Carol Ann, and Twist of Pink. It has been fun to dig through my photos to find musician to sketch.

  9. This is really cool. You really captured him. Beautifully proportioned.

  10. Wonderful subject matter and drawing! Happy PPF!

  11. brilliant picture- well done! newbie to paint party friday :) x


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