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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Music and Musicians Theme Carol Ann

It is  my Grandson Playing  from a video I put him on  pause to draw him. He was concentrating on his playing. Of course the face is not really him. I am not good at copying faces of family.  He is much a  cutie then I drew him
as you see. I used Derwet Intense pencils  with water brushing using that Jez mailed to me to do the sketch of Grandson..Thank you so much.  Oh I love them. I am going to try and see if I can buy more of them. My first painting with them to do this of my Grandson. He was young  it was his second Piano recital . I had a video of him also so I put on Pause to draw him but I had not the rest of the piano on top so had to emphasize  the rest also  his position of his legs was not shown on the video. So had to use my imagination with such short space.
and grown up now he is about 14 here.  He loves his piano playing still.  Grandson also writes music.

Gosh now he is bigger and he plays rugby. Total transformation now. 


  1. What a good looking young man!!! How old was he in this photo? Nice sketch of him playing.

  2. Great sketch and photo of your grandson! I appreciate young people who practice the music, it gives them so much. I am glad he coninues.

  3. Having sketched a grand piano for 'Sparky', I know how hard it is and you were brave to tackle it and got a good result. He is a natty dresser with his matching waistcoat and handkerchief. No wonder you are proud of him and his musical abilities.

  4. Very nice, Carol Ann! Great job on that piano!


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