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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Music and Musicians, "Singing Husband Last Night at Home", Lynn Cohen

Actually there is music in our lives most nights. Husband picks up his guitar and sings. He has a real good voice! I love it and I take it for granted. He sang to me on our first date at the pier in Berkeley, CA (1978). Been singing ever since!


  1. I can imagine, that your first date was unforgettable.! Since that evening you have had music at home, wonderful! He is playing on his acoustic guitar, which you have drawn so well. It so wonderful to have music at home, I listen, but my son plays some times here at home and I enjoy!

  2. Terrific sketch. I love the way you have framed in close on him with the words, and you have got the arm and hand positions so well. With all these different instruments the hand and arm positions seem to be the most difficult part. I also like the minimal facial details and his concentration on the music … and as for your patience in drawing that lovely quilt, it's amazing. So glad you are back with us.

  3. Terrific sketch Lynn. My hubby sang to me when I dated him at 16. He is Dutch. So he too still has a beautiful voice after 52 years married to him.

    My Grand-kids take after him for talent singing. So wonderful your hubby plays and sings. Awesome Lynn. Happy Friday.

  4. I love how you did this with the lyrics going around him!!! It is great that he has a good voice and sings to you....very romantic!

  5. Lynn, this is great. How the guitar is resting on his leg, depressing it a little, how he's leaning in to get the hand position and hear the chords, the pattern on the quilt…I love it all. And how you've snaked the words around him!

  6. I can attest to the real good voice since we've heard him in person and have been Sarenaded while sketching by a river once when they visited. Don't get no betta... :)) Lynn I held this picture up to con and asked him if he recognized the player..yep he sure did.

  7. Thank you all! Your words are music to my ears!


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