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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daily Life, The Wash, Gloria V.

Chippy our older 14 year old has her own room, the washroom. After my husband leaves at 7a.m., I head to the washroom at the back of the house and see if there are clothes and usually there is a small basket.
I tend to wash the load so as the clothes don't pile up and don't use the dryer to avoid higher electrical rates. I have a clothes line out back and also another clothes line closer to the house. An umbrella stand up type,  and that is where I've been hanging clothes. The clothes smell so good when hanging in the sun.
As you can see Chippy is still sleeping and isn't ready to go outside. I grab a cuppa and decide to wash clothes in a little.
Part of the daily routine and I love it. Home is where my heart is at.
"The Wash"
The Wash, pppp, glv-2014




  1. Yes those are Part of daily life. This is really done well Gloria. Even got Chippy so well behaved. I guess washing machines is something he is used too. I like this very much.

  2. Part of daily life here too, I try to avoid using a dryer to save on cost too. Or perhaps we are being eco-friendly :-) Love your ipad drawing of your wash room.

  3. A great drawing, so nice to hear about your day. Chippy looks very comfy there.

  4. Great sketch of your laundry room!!!

  5. Chippy looks very cozy there. I bet he's glad you decided to wait on the wash so he can sleep in late. :)

  6. Lovely digital sketch of the laundry room, I love the unusual angle and the way you've done the floor.
    Living in a flat as we now do, I really miss my laundry room and the big sink for any handwash. I always loved seeing the washing flapping in the breeze and miss that, but thank goodness for dryers at least, and I try not to think of the cost.

  7. Lovely kitchen, laundry room sketch! Dog looks happy in sleep. Love the sox coming out of the basket too. Thanks for sharing this part of your life Gloria.

  8. lovely routine and sketch! Chippy is too cute. :)


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