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Monday, May 19, 2014

Daily Life, tennis ball, Ann Hyde

Playing with the tennis ball on the beach. William knows he will get to it first - such a smug expression.....

I know! will probably have seen these in other places on the interweb...such as FB and SketchingWilliam blog...sorry for the repetition, but I can't resist this Theme and making it William.....♥ann
plus........have you noticed I have added a Link to the William sketches in Labels below


  1. i enjoy seeing william everywhere so it's ok! william is getting used to this game and he needs a challenge! nice sketch ann :)

  2. I for one cannot have too much William! So bring them on, Ann. Nice to have the link too. Clever you! The painting is so well done. I love the motion I see and yes, his expression is priceless.

    1. Thanks Lynn....glad you all like the sketches of William, he certainly seems to be popular :-)


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