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Friday, May 16, 2014

Daily Life, Mornings Lunch, Gloria V.

Mornings for me are early to rise, make husbands lunch, coffee. We sit and drink coffee after his lunch is made. Conversation is shared and he is out the door by 7:00 a.m.. Have a wonderful day dearest kind husband. I have my duties here at home.
Mornings Lunch
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  1. Such a good wife thing to do!!!! Cute drawing of it all, Gloria! You are giving me an appetite!

  2. So clever to draw this on your ipad. I love how everything is set out :-)

  3. I love how you have everything lined up and ready. You treat him well...I hope he does the same for you. Nice sketch!

  4. It's nice that you can have coffee together before he leaves. Mine gets up at 3:00am so he is on his own for breakfast.

  5. Thank you. It's my duty I feel to pack my husband a good lunch. I also put in 3 tea bottles, Ice packs to keep things cool and sometimes a little note. Thank you all for your comments.

  6. It is great that you have that time together in the morning. So nice. Great sketch.

  7. I remember those days, when I not only made but enjoyed making husband's lunch for work, it's a way of showing love. Like you I used to put a little love-note in with the sandwiches.
    What a good idea to sketch a line-up of the contents of that black lunch box. Early morning chats are quite different from any other time, and very special. Lucky husband and lucky wife Gloria.

  8. I love this, Gloria, and your description. Your husband is a lucky guy! I bet you are lucky too. :)


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