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Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily Life, "Drawing is a Huge Part of my Daily Life" Lynn Cohen

I didn't draw myself drawing this, but the end result is something that makes me so very happy in my daily life. For some people chocolate gives them great joy, for some it's gardening, for other's it's a trip to the beach or the local coffee shop. For me it's drawing anywhere I happen to be.

Yesterday, I saw this photo of  Kate Merriman's dog on Facebook. I was at my office waiting for a client who never showed up. I asked our most recent Artist, Kate, on line if I had permission to draw her dog. Permission was granted and I went on to draw Grayson. It was done fairly quickly in ink with a contour lined drawing filled in with some hatching and cross hatching. She agreed it looks a lot like him. That made me happy too. And now I can share this bit of my daily life with you here.


  1. I love your hatching in this!! I share your love of drawing, and can easily find a subject anywhere I happen to be.

  2. oh that is such a gift to hatch so quickly you and Joan, Ann, Jez.

    I applaud this sketch.

  3. What a great sketch, full of character!


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