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Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily Life, Breakfast, Ann Hyde

"Worth getting home for breakfast after all then lad"






  1. Ann you amaze me how you can scratch sketch so little and looks so real William. The downward eyes eating. The nose so detailed. Its snout. Not even a background. Did you inquire about doing cartoons in a newspaper. The face of William. I love Mama-duke in the newspaper but you could easy be a cartoonist as dogs are popular by audiences and your guy is the darling. I am attached to him big took lessons in art? I did a dog yesterday and honest to goodness. It took me ages to get the top of its back body being a back. Are you a naturalist or took lessons in art?
    Then I made it look like he was catching footballs. Someone thought caps. That tells you something. You are amazing. I know I must sound like a broken record.

  2. I mean I am attached to your William but wrote took instead of time. then it reads took lessons in art. oh not me. I was asking did you take lessons Ann . I was going to change it. I see know where I can correct. It says reply or delete. Most comments have edit so one can fix up mistakes.

    1. Hi Carol Ann, don't worry about the typing going wonky, happens to me all the time;) Thanks for your comments and questions. I looked locally for newspapers but there isn't one suitable...never mind, I'll survive, lol. You ask have I taken lessons. Yes, in latter years I have done art workshops with professional artists. These were not on a one to one basis, or as a course, but solely as a 'one off' day or two where there are a lot of other artists attending too. Otherwise throughout my life I have drawn by myself and learnt by myself.

    2. You are an incredible self taught artist Ann. I know we all agree with Carol Ann on this matter!

  3. Super view of William chowing down!!

  4. Are you doing these with your Lamy? Love the shaded look!


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