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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daily Life, Carol Ann

They say every    Dog has his day and to-day  Rover wants to play with footballs and soccer balls. Rule is Please wait till master comes and he will say that a boy get the balls but.  He is so anxious to play.  No bone  for a while. I am afraid. 

This is a Park and across was living residents Apts  for the elderly and behind that was a nursing home.  I cared for the elderly in both buildings.
The lady was Anna Russel and she was a very famous actress in her days. Theater . An English gal who sang and she played the piano. .  She owned acres of the property that every building stood on.   She was a very funny lady and I and others loved her dearly. Even that Street was called Anna Russel Lane.  There was 100  cottage units and she wanted to live there with her friends her age till she died in her 94's.  With her big grand piano standing in the corner.
When she was young she traveled all over.

After her passing she left  Unionville  Home Society  the last of the land and they made a park. And yes the dogs were allowed if owners were close by to pick up

The Late Anna Russel.  

Anyone want to read about her life of Anna Russell . Here is the  info. She had some talent and she wrote most of her songs.
She was well into the lime light as a Canadian Icon.


  1. Cute sketch of the dog in the park. I like the story of the woman who donated the park land. Sounds like she must have been very interesting.

  2. What a story. Your dog playing ball caps it all doesn't it. Anna Russel would have been happy to know your dogs were enjoying the land.

  3. That is not my dog Lynn it it was a dog in the park. They are not ball caps. The two are to be footballs and soccer balls supposedly out of the sports box. .

    I added info in here and one can read of her. She was some entertainer. In her 90's she still entertained at the hall that was on the property.

    She still had that strong voice of song. She being young in this picture so reminded me of Patty Page. Now that is going back. We had a bus pick us up to shop on Fridays . I went on it. Oh she was still a fancy lady all dressed up. She wore make up and she was a hoot on the bus. Hula Balloting her jokes.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful lady. Nice of you to commemorate with a sketch!


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