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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Animals, Marvel the Aussie, Penny Stewart

This is Marvel, short for Marvelous Aussie.  I painted Tammy's Australian Shepherd Dog this time  5x5 watercolor and pen on paper.  Last week I did it in acrylics.  Very loose WC and pen.  Last animal of the month I think. 
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  1. I like her (or his?) smile!

  2. Ooh, pretty! I like the colors you used, to show how her fur just glows!

  3. Penny - this is such a sweet portrait - love the way you added the pen and ink to the lovely colors you used in her fur. Very pretty indeed!

  4. Penny, nice portrait of Marvel!!! I love the shading in her fur.

  5. Lovely colours and I always love your loose pen lines, and she/he has that pleading/want-to-please look. Very nice sketch.

  6. So much personality in that painting! Awesome!!!


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