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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animals, 'Hugo', Ann Hyde

Believe it or not, I actually draw other peoples dogs as well as our own!  Yes, you can pick yourselves up off the floor now...teehee.

This is 'Hugo', a sketch I did recently for a friend of her wonderful dog. (Sketched from a photograph).  He's a Spinone Italiono who, was heading towards her with the camera - he was very very wet from having just been in the sea.  Bless him.  (incidentally, our friend was delighted with the sketch....phew!).


  1. This is a keeper you did for her. Love it. You sure did some perfect action here.

  2. Love this...loose and fun with the splatters and the ink lines. She must have loved it.

  3. Wow, Hugo is very happy go lucky looking. :) He lifts his leg for us. Great catch.

  4. Love this wet fellow with the scruffy face!

  5. I would have so believed this was William! Terrific sketch/painting Ann!

  6. So cute, and I love how you've hinted at the fur and everything!

  7. I can see why she was delighted, Hugo looks full of character and it's such a fresh sketch that it looks as though it is from life and not from a photo, that's very hard to achieve and you've captured it. I like the splatters, it looks as though he is splashing through water as he approaches.

  8. Oh my this would be a treasure to have. I imagine that she was happy. You have done a great job capturing the emotion of him.


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