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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animals Carol Ann

He wants to play Ralphy Boy. . Tee; hee   Now I am in middle of dusting. Got carried away  with my colored  pencils in this entry.  Colored BRIGHT  mat. Ink the black.

I remember doing these rugs as a kid. You know the top and you weave over the little nails. Was fun. Corking.  


  1. He looks like he wants to play!!! Cute sketch. I remember those rugs!

  2. Love your drawing. It looks like a comfy rug. He seems very happy.

  3. Cute, I think we called them rag rugs!

  4. Lovely little puppy, full of fun and I enjoy the bright colours. I know the 'over the nails' thing you mention. We would knock four nails in the top of a wooden cotton bobbin, then tie on one end of a ball of wool and keep making a loop over each nail in turn. It turned out a long 'sausage' of what we called French Knitting down through the hole in the bobbin and out of the other end, as long as you wanted. We never made a mat, but my sister and I did try to make slippers. Thank you for bringing back the memory with your Animal post.

  5. cute and I love the colors.


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