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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animals, Chocolatte, GloriaV

HELLO to everyone!
In my heart and mind I call my Chocolatte my Family Pet Member (FPM). I know she is an animal, one of Gods little creatures, but to us she is our FPM. This drawing of her doesn't really look like her, but it represents that she is Queen of the home.
She's happy, content, well fed, watered and loved and has been taught manners which is why she always gets what she wants. tee hee. So here is the God's little creature which I named "Chocolatte" as in Choco and latte. She is Chihuahua and poodle, a Mexipoo or ChiPoo.  heehaw
Sorry I haven't been around but I haven't forgotten you are all still here. I will try very hard to get to your posts today. Hope everyone is well and enjoying life to the fullest.
glv-Ipad/P53 2014 PPP&P
Ipad, P53


  1. Oh so sweet. Very creative your art as your animal family. Queen of the house. Right on Gloria.

  2. I'm betting this is digital Gloria, but it looks like watercolor! Love it. You know Henry V is king of our household. The word "pet" doesn't enter our vocabulary. He IS a member of our family and at the lead in many ways!

  3. LOL. Love the funny names they come up with for cross breeds. I had a doxi-wawa, combination of dachshund and chihuahua, sometimes referred to as a Chiwienie. Regardless of what you call them, these fur babies are so precious. Of course they are part of the family! Lovely painting. Still need to get an Ipad! It looks like fun.

  4. I am sure Chocolatte is your baby and is treated like a princess. She is so cute! Nice sketch.

  5. This is so good Gloria and it is lovely to see Chocolatte. They are family after all aren't they :-)

  6. Lovely colourful painting with a typical doggy expression. I see from your caption that it is an Ipad painting, and I agree with Lynn that it looks like watercolour. You are so skilled with the digital art.

  7. LOVE your style. Makes me want to come by and hug little Chocolate.

  8. Yes it is digital as all my work has been as of late. Thank you all for your kind comments. They are very much appreciated.


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