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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Animals, Chipper the Chihuahua, Penny StewArt

It took me a couple of days to finish these animal paintings.

This is a special dog, Chipper the Chihuahua.  I follow him on Facebook and in the Chihuahua Mamas group.  His Mama let me paint him and put the artwork up on Ebay with 25% of the sale going to her favorite Chi Transport Charity.  I have such an affinity for dogs with great expressions and Chip never disappoints.  His Mama has literally hundreds and hundreds of Chip photos for me to choose from.  I am still painting his fabulous face.

8x10 Acrylic on Canvas Board

4x4 on Ampersand Panel with FREE easel stand


  1. Chip looks like quite a character. Great look to these!!

  2. Penny this is so good. So detailed inside the mouth wow your first pic of dog and the tongue..

    Second one look at he wee feet. His ears are so right on. His nose. I could go on.

  3. So cute, Penny! I love Chip the Sublime.

  4. Penny, I have no words! So excellent portraits of them both! Chihuas are of own character, Very nice paintings.

  5. Two great portraits of Chip, so full of character.

  6. Now this looks like a character! Love your paintings of him, wonderful on these canvases.

  7. Both cute doggies! I am glad you have such fun drawing and painting them all.

  8. He definitely has a great face. You captured it so well.


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