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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Animals, The Goat by Joan Tavolott

Last summer my friend and I went to a field to pick strawberries. On the property were some very cute goats. One of them didn't mind posing for me. 


  1. This is so qute sketch of the goast! he is curious on you and want to see what you do. Goasts are so friendly animals, I think.

  2. Lovely sketch of the goat, she looks as if she is saying 'What on earth is this woman doing, and why does she keep staring at me - I'll just stare her out'. I love her floppy sanguine ears.

  3. You have really captured a goat expression Joan....I love them too.

  4. Close up and personal! Love this look, as if to say "give me a kiss, or at least something to eat!"

  5. Thanks everyone! I edited out my friend from the sketch. She had her hand out with something for the goat to eat. True to form she headed right over to see what Susan had.


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