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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Animals, Amazon Parrot, Penny StewArt

In watercolor class on Thursday I painted an Amazon Parrot
8.5 x 11 which is larger than my usual style (not an aceo!). I am enjoying learning to use watercolor experimentally. This class has lots of ways to paint, not just traditionally. The background was done with "negative painting" techniques. I have trouble with that. It means painting around things, not painting them directly.  I always lose my whites, but that takes lots of practice. I have been taking this class for 2 years every thursday for 2 hours.  I have improved tremendously, but still am what my teacher calls, "heavy handed," but that's because I have painted so long with acrylics. I sell everything I paint, so I hope it is okay to post my link to the item here, Ebay Listing.  If not, please let me know.  I did not see anything about it in the description.  Thanks.


  1. Penny, love the parrot and the greens in this. You did a lot of nice negative painting. It is a good way to paint, especially things in the background. Nice job on this!

  2. You have done a great job on the parrot. I find negative painting really hard too.

  3. This is a beautiful painting.

  4. Iove too you Parrot, Penny! Excellent job.

  5. Quite Stunning Penny! This parrot sings color and life!
    Yesterday I learned of another site where one can sell their art, it's called "Daily Paint Works", you might want to check it out. I haven't yet, but might as well.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I just joined EBSQ as well. I am in DPW . I have 124 listings in there. LOL. I am an obsessive compulsive painter, no doubt.

  6. He's a handsome fellow! Negative painting is fun. Like you, I have trouble saving my whites in watercolor because I am more used to mediums like acrylics and oils where the whites go in last. It's very frustrating when I forget!


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