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Friday, May 2, 2014

Animals, 4 FREE Puppies, Penny StewArt

I Painted 4 Animal Pet Portraits this week, and gave them away FREE to the owners of the fur babies.  It was supposed to be a contest on my facebook page and I was going to pick the ONE that I liked best to paint.  Since only 4 people sent me photos, I just had to paint them ALL.  The top two are 8x10 acrylic on canvas board, and the bottom two are painted in tiny canvases about 2x3 inches with their own easels.  I mailed them off today, and I hope the doggie mamas enjoy them as much as I did when I painted them.

My facebook page, Penny Paints Pets, has more of my animal paintings.


  1. What a sweetheart you are to have painted all four pups! Those are going to be some VERY happy doggie mamas! They're all darling, but I love the two on the right especially. Wonderful work all around! It's so nice to spread joy!

  2. So beautiful pet paintings! you are really skilled:) I wish I could paint in same way.

  3. These are WONDERFUL Penny - I'm sure people will be absolutely thrilled with them :-)

  4. My you could go into business painting dogs. Beautiful art and they are so real looking.

  5. These are just beautifull. Thanks for visiting.

  6. They are so great!!! You do such a great job painting dogs.

  7. These are terrific each and every one!


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