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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time Away From Home, in Malibu, California by Joan Tavolott

Way back in 1970 I took my first vacation with a friend to California. I wasn't even 21 years old yet. Suzanne and I flew out to San Diego where we stayed with her cousin and his family. Then we drove up the California coast to San Francisco, stopping at assorted places along the route.
This was done from a very faded photo I had taken on the beach in Malibu on that trip.
This theme will bring back a lot of good memories.


  1. A nice technique for this painting. Lovely painting of this beautiful coastline.

  2. thanks for sharing one of your beautiful memories. you have sketched and painted it wonderfully joan. :)

  3. I love the mistiness of this beautiful painting, so evocative of the sand and sea, and the limited palette of blues and earth colours are lovely.

  4. Lovely painting of your good vacation memory, Joan.

  5. Thanks Fran, Elisa, Jez, and Sirkka. It was a fun trip except for being thrown off a horse when we went horseback riding. lol I am trying to remember how we were able to rent a car since we were both so young...maybe her dad rented it for us since I remember her doing all the driving.

  6. This is so pretty Joan. I wish I'd known you then. I would have met up with you in San Francisco or taken you to Berkeley to all my haunts there! It was the end of the Beatnik era and the beginning of the Hippie era. We would have had a ball.

  7. You should see the photos of me from this trip. They are so funny. I had my tie-dyed pants and long hair to my waist. It would have been so much fun to know you then. We seem to have a lot in common!

  8. lovely painting. You probably passed right by us in So Cal as you traveled as we lived in Costa Mesa near Newport Beach and Huntington Beach at that time. :))


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