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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time Away from Home, Vacation and Holidays "The Gondola" by Elisa Choi

sketched from a photo; pen and paint

During our family's trip to Macau we visited The Venetian. It is a hotel with casino and it is very famous. Of course since this is inspired by Italy they have the gondola. You have to pay quite a huge amount to be able to ride this. The guy will entertain you with his good singing voice while you are cruising slowly with your special someone. Quite romantic don't you think.


  1. Nice sketch and memory. I like the way your background indicates buildings behind the bridge while at the same time giving distance to the picture. Even the bridge looks romantic just to wander across and watch the gondolas pass underneath - and listen to the singing as well.

  2. It looks so romantic, the gondolier is singing.. It is so Italian too. Great sketch.

  3. You captured the gondolier and the gondola really well!!! At first I thought your sketch was actually of Venice since you have included details so much like it would be there. Good job!

  4. Delightfully drawn and painted. This does indeed remind me of our trip to Venice, Italy! And we did ride in a gondola there. I don't recall our guy singing though. But I was newly married and it was romantic. ;-)

  5. Great sketch and I can hear him singing. Very nice job.

  6. Lucky you.. O solo mio.. I hear him. :)) Nice job.


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