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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time Away From Home - Toronto by Fran

While we were in the area of Niagara Falls we made a day trip to Toronto.  I made a journal page after this trip and my drawing is part of that page.  We notice a lot of sculptures in the medians of the streets and roads.  In the Oriental district where we had lunch, there were these marvelous dragon sculptures. I took photos and made this drawing from that photo.  In the distance is my sketch of the CN (Canadian National) tower and a few city buildings. Since it was a collage page there are a few pieces of photos that I added.


  1. I love how you collaged this with sketches, photos, and all kinds of treasures of your visit to Toronto. Nicely done, Fran!

  2. Wow! This is so great. Love how you have collaged this.

  3. Fran this is so creative. it can be used as a newspaper spread or magazine! I really like your colors and the dragon that circles around it. Chinatown is everywhere and we had one in our country too :)

  4. Lovely colourful page, and I love the contrast between the city buildings and the mystery of the column with the fiery dragon twined around it. This is a great way to include so many slices of memory into one artwork.

  5. Much life in this collage, wow! Great work of yours.


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