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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time Away From Home, GloriaV, Coming back home from Mom's

Coming home from my Mom's. Highway 132. This is a community with probably no more than 50 homes, all acre ranchettes. I've always wanted to live here but very costly. I can dream though. I didn't paint this, just cartooned it. I wanted to at least get one post for this time around. Life has been busy. It's beautiful isn't it? Lots of clouds. There are a lot of cows, orchards, trees and more that we see on the way home. Just outside Modesto. Happy PPPP to everyone.

PPPP, Time Away From Home, GloriaV2014, Coming back home from Mom's


  1. Lovely location! Love that sky!!

  2. Beautiful view with green fields and blue sky. Love it!

  3. Yes, it's beautiful, Gloria! Cool tweaking of photo. Looking forward to your next drawings!

  4. Looks such a lovely area. Love what you have done with this picture :-)

  5. Thanks to you all. The clouds were actually much darker Ann and they are awesome. Have a great rest of the week.


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