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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time Away from Home, Brighton Pier, ann hyde

Time away from home, what a great opportunity to sketch, draw and paint new places and things.  We have been down to Brighton in Sussex this year and, yes you guessed it, I sketched ... fact I was sitting at a bench along the seafront. It was a bit windy but not too cold...the cup of coffee I had just bought probably helped keep me warm anyway, but also meant I could use the cafe's seating in order to sketch this.


  1. I can almost feel the salt water in the air through your sketch. Nice job on the sand, water, and the amusement pier!

  2. Great sketch of the pier, they are not the easiest things to draw. One of my favourite regular occupations is walking down the pier in Southport with Dev, heels clip-clopping on the wooden planks. With the deserted sand and the grey sea it looks a very chilly day, and you did well to sit long enough to sketch it. Altogether a lovely sketch.

  3. Thanks Joan, I enjoyed this sketch (and the coffee) lol.

  4. Thanks Jez, there is something about piers isn't there :-)

  5. Lovely to think of you sitting here drinking coffee and making this beautiful sketch of this (slightly wistful) place!

  6. Will you take us to all these charming places when we come to visit, Ann? Love the lightness of this drawing. I can smell the sea air.

    1. We will take you to places Lynn, although Brighton is a long ways off from us, there are plenty of places in our neck of the woods :-)

  7. What a wonderful place to sketch on!! There would I too bee and sketch! Great work, Ann!

  8. your sketch and paint is fresh and loose.. nice place to make art and just rest :)


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