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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time Away from Home, Jez Eden

At the start I should say that I am afraid of heights, I get a woozy feeling - but that's never stopped me from challenging the fear and climbing church bell-towers, lighthouses, and what we in this country call mountains.  This is me taking the first of my only two parachute jumps on a weekend break about 35 years ago, sketched purely from the imagination while waiting at the Doctor's surgery this morning. 

Leaky pen on a scruffy piece of paper
Coloured at home with Inktense pencils
We had an evening's 'training', i.e., learning how to fall from a standing position.  Early next morning we had our first parachute jump.  I absolutely loved it, and it remains about the best experience I've ever had, just exhilarating.  I remember throwing my arms wide and shouting into the wind 'I did it, I did it'.  I couldn't wait for my second jump in the early evening.

In the sketch of it looks as if I'm going to miss the landing zone - in fact I almost did, landing near the edge of the airfield close to a main road.

Later that morning I passed the time watching a few expert jumpers packing their parachutes.  In the afternoon I decided that I would pack my own parachute.  And yes, I used it for my jump - looking back I think I MUST HAVE BEEN MAD!!!


  1. You are either very brave or crazy. LOL It isn't something I would attempt to do, but I know people that have done it and like you say that it was an incredible experience. I like how you have shown the patchwork look to the ground and the bright color of the parachute. Nice job!!!

  2. Crazy, Joan. Something I would have loved carrying on with, but Dev damaged his knee on his first jump - and we always do everything together. My ultimate dream would have been free-fall! Thanks for the comment on the artwork - I always appreciate that, and welcome any constructive criticism or hints that would help me improve - even after a lifetime of art I still keep hoping I can develop further.

  3. I love everything about this. The "leaky pen on a scruffy piece of paper", the exuberance, the memory, the colorful map-like ground beneath you, and the fact that you did this, were terrified and loved it!

  4. Thank you Margaret - you make me smile for noticing and liking the bit about the pen and paper.

  5. Oh the crazy things we did in our youth! However, the things you've checked off your bucket list are far braver than anything I ever did! No, I have a hard enough time jumping off the curb to the street let alone an airplane! I bow to you dear friend!
    Intensely colored is so appropriate for this drawing!

    (small reminder, please put your info in the title of the post ,Jez, thanks.)

    1. I popped the info in for you Jez. (I help out on PPP&P sometimes)......ann :-)

    2. Thank you Lynn and Ann. I think 'my head must have been in the clouds' when I was typing the post!

  6. Hi Jez, I cannot believe you actually did a parachute jump, how brave are you!!! Love your drawing of it :-)

  7. I am dizzy just thinking about it. Great accomplishment, both the jump and the artwork. I will never understand why people do such adrenaline pumping feats, but congratulations!

  8. Wow, what an experience. I don't know if I would relish a parachute jump but one of those flying things that are pulled behind a boat sure looks fun, or the parasails that float off a mountain side. Oh well, I'll just imagine.

  9. Jez, you are so brave!!! I should never, never do things like that! I would no land alive, my heart would stop at the moment. Your sketch is very illustrative of the jump.

  10. Jez i really am enjoying your series and liking your imaginative drawings when there are no references around. Your post makes me smile and makes me imagine how you are so happy that time.. excited.. all out emotions. i cannot ever attempt such but you are like everyone else say.. brave and adventurous. How are you and Dev? Take care!


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