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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time Away from Home, Stone Guy by Margaret Coote

We also went to Korea, just to Seoul for a week. We were taken to a reconstructed ancient Korean village, where they do things "the old way" so people can see how it was done - old-style buildings with heating under the foundation to keep the floors warm, hot peppers and various grains hung from the eaves to dry, big ox-driven grinding stones,

kimchi pots that are buried in the earth, etc. Everywhere I'd see little stone creatures (I saw them in the old part of the city, too, just standing at the side of the road) and I was fascinated by them. I had borrowed a camera for the trip so I took a picture any time I saw one. This big stone guy took me by surprise, though, since I was used to the little creatures! I have no idea what the significance of these sculptures is, but I'm sure they are important. The bench behind him gives an idea of the scale.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful trip. So glad you remembered the statue and drew it for us :-)

  2. That must have been an interesting trip to see so many different things. I like the sketch of the stone man!

  3. The statue is a little like those in Eastern Islands, isn´t it!

  4. never went to korea but we would like to. this huge guy is something! cute and amusing. great sketch margaret!

  5. I like your sketch, these old carvings hold so much mystery and hystory. You have the feeling of the old stone man so well. I like his framing with the two trees.

  6. Thanks everybody! He's happy to be seen by all of you…he's just been amusing ME for so long! :)

  7. He's a cute little guy this statue and the whole picture so nicely done in pencil.


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