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Monday, April 28, 2014

Paper, Paint, Pencil, Sketches Humans, activities Carol Ann Henstra

This is  a sketch at a Doctors office not real just sketched it.  Oh this is hard to do bench and all. First I tried a chair and it gave me problems. 

I made these  sketch's  way too dark. I know.

I am going out to get a water-prove pen if I can in my wee town and my computer mouse don't work it gets stuck.

No water prove pen but I got a pen that has eraser on top for ink. So will try it out in a few days

I got a new mouse today it is running great now next on list speakers. Right now I have know sound barrier. To watch videos for sound and my music.


  1. Well done Carol Ann. Your drawing from imagination is very good.

  2. I went to the art store in my town. They had none of what I name with taking down names of pens on a sheet of paper some gals recommended for me.

    The art store had this one called Technogically advanced erasable ink., writes like a pen yet erases like a pencil, ink is pressured to write at any age. So will see.

    She did say if I go over to the art University in town. They have a shop where most likely I can pick up even paint tubes,

    is there another site for newbies elsewhere on line that is free and not so advanced as here just wondering . You are all so advance in here. I need where I can start from scratch baby steps. Ha-ha..

  3. Carol Ann, you did a nice job on this. I think you are keeping up with us and do not really need a site that is not so advanced. But maybe you would enjoy doing both. What you need is practice, and we all needed that when we were first starting. I still make sure I sketch for a while every day in addition to painting something.I do not know where your town is, but the art store should have something that you can use. I recently heard about the erasable ink, but I have not tried it. I like having pens with both ink that is permanent and ink that will bleed if you add water. That gives you nice shading.

    The pens I use are mostly Micron pens in different sizes or Pitt pens. I recently bought a pen called Le Pen and even though it is black ink it bleeds this lovely grey black. What did you use to sketch with for this? Is it pencil or charcoal?

  4. A pencil I used for this picture sketch.

    I asked for the Pitt pens. That art store lady said that she used to order from the states those brands but people in small village here were not buying enough so she does not order too much from the States now as also it takes two weeks delivery. Then art store was really big at one time.

    So she has suggested to phone the University to see when the store opens in the day and it is an art University in town of Haliburton, Ontario Canada.
    You think I am doing okay really? I do sketch every day. Well I will try the erasable ink to-morrow. You get 3 pens for 3.79 brand is paper mate.

    My pens I use are Sharpie and Pilote. We have nothing of your brands unless this university does. I use pencils but what sharpener do you use.?
    I find they seem to wear on one side and then the other side is not used as much. Then when I sharpen it. It breaks. Our pencil in shop are Mograph 100 Hb. In my town the artists here are into oil painting and canvas painting, wood workings, jewelry. . I have a store next door. Called the Art hive. Awesome paint artist there but you pay 200 membership just to join before you even star lessons.. If you Google it on Google you will see what is at the Art Hive. Highway 118. We have painters all over. We are known in Haliburton the Industry of Art. Then the Art University.

    These artists here must go to Toront which is like 4 hours drive to get their art supplies if the art store is not getting things in or that Art University..

    1. Have you thought of ordering what you need online? There are many good online art stores, and even Amazon has lots of things...

  5. These people and their faces are so expressive!

  6. hi carol i echo what joan said here. we aren't advance but we're all still learning everyday and practice. Your sketches are improving daily and I am enjoying your pencil sketches. when i sketch whether it is good or bad i learn and i'm sure you are too. One website that I would recommend you for drawing is You sign up for an account then you choose the free lessons and then start from lesson 1. Very informative and helpful especially for newbies! Let me know how it goes. Keep drawing! ;)

  7. Oh that site has helped me tremendously Elisa to begin to understand all about movement of my hand, turning the page as I work and other things I never heard of. Thank you. so much that you cared enough for someone like I who truly wants to learn and that is my passion. I have joined free the site beside being here of course..

    Big hug to you.

    Such a learning experiences and knowledge art talking terms. I appreciate that. I see you have no email I could reverse back to you private . So
    came back here.

  8. You are doing fine here, Carol Ann. Drawing from imagination, especially people, is more difficult than drawing from a photo or from life. For me it is, at least.

  9. Well done. Don't fret over tools. I admit to being a tool junkie, but some of the best artists do it with a simple ball pint pen!


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