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Monday, April 28, 2014

Art Supplies, Styluses, Jez Eden

Finding it a little difficult to post this after reading Lynn's previous post, but it is my last one for the Humans/Art Supplies and I wanted to use it.  It's a painting I did on my I-Pad yesterday, and as tomorrow is Dev's 81st birthday I want to keep the day just for celebrating in a very quiet way.  I have given him a Birthday Week, with a little present every day - today's gift was a three-volume book of novels by Tracy Chevalier for his Kindle, two of which we have read but I know he will enjoy reading again.

Well, that's settled me down a bit, so here are the Art Supplies (and thank you Elise for the interesting theme topics):


  1. wow what a nice digital art you've done here jez! you got three cool tools for your sketching needs.. i really like the one with the paintbrush! Happy birthday to your Dev and I am sure both of you will enjoy this special moment together. Take care!

  2. Please pass on my Birthday wishes to Dev, sounds like you are going to have a good week. Excellent page from your ipad painting.

  3. I love the way you composed the page...nice sketch! I didn't realize that there were different kinds of styluses with different kinds of tips. I guess I am out of the digital loop. lol

  4. Huge Happy Birthday, Dev! Have a very special time with your sweetheart!
    Great composition Jez! I'm wondering if by any chance the paint brush end works digitally with a paint brush stroke, or is that expecting too much!


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