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Monday, April 28, 2014

Human Beings And How They Spend Their Time, Adoring Grandkids by Joan Tavolott

This was done from a photo my sister posted on Facebook today. She went down to Pennsylvania for her granddaughter's communion on Saturday, and got to have some one-on-one time with her newest grandchild, Mary while she was there. I don't have any children or grandchildren, but I love seeing the adoring look on any grandparent's face. 


  1. wow this is so beautiful and happy! Congrats to them! :)

  2. You caught her proud and happy expression!

  3. Thanks. Elisa, Ann, and Melisa. I did this really tiny and now I wish I had done it bigger. I'll have to mat it and give it to my sister. She already saw it since I emailed a copy of it to her.

  4. Well, you are a grand aunt! Beautiful capture of your sisters joy!

  5. You not only captured her grandmotherly joy, but the complete relaxation that can only be achieved by a small child! :)


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