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Monday, April 28, 2014

Humans and their activities, Geronimo Jerky Cafe, by Elaine

I live about 8km from the city centre of Brisbane -- about the tipping point between cool inner city area and truly suburban soccer mom territory.  Within about 1km of my house, at Blackwood Street, Mitchelton (see location tag), there are FOUR cafes.  I'm not sure we need so many, but it's fun to have different ones to go to when the mood strikes (and amazingly they are all good).  Below is a sketch I did this morning at Geronimo Jerky (cafe) showing a group of army guys enjoying coffee and sandwiches.  The army base nearby keeps many of these cafes in good economic shape I'm sure!


  1. wonderful painting elaine.. the clothing is nicely done and the lettering!

  2. Super sketch, Elaine!!! It is great that you included the men in their army fatigues...more often than not cafe sketches have women in them. I really like this one!

  3. Very nice sketch Elaine. Nice you applaud the men in uniform and the gal.

  4. Looks great! I really like the way you depicted the camo.

  5. I love that the uniforms is what stand out telling me who these guys are! And that faces have suggestions of features! Great style!

  6. Thanks everyone! I found out as I completed the sketch that I had been watched the entire time by 2 ladies who were sitting at a table nearby (one of whom had the most amazing Japanese cherry branch and butterfly tattoo - wish I could have sketched HER). I told them I tried to be low key and not spook my subjects, and they said they had been similarly trying to watch me without spooking me! Ha, ha! Meanwhile, army guys went obliviously on their way... Sparkle - there are 4 guys but the one on the left was too far off the page - maybe I should have omitted him! I admit it is a bit weird to have a floating face in the picture. :)

  7. This is great Elaine! I love how you've done the camouflage.


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