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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Humans, Activites Carol Ann Henstra

An  Old business man still dressed up at 80 odd  years  having time out  to ponder for moments in an easy chair as he might consider. His comfy.
I used my new pen and   lightly sketched him.
This time I am learning more of the shapes in art   to move in this picture. His hands ,
facial expressions  and his huge glasses. Details  a tie, handkerchief in pocket.

The creases in his pants and his mouth expression as an old aged man.  


  1. I recognize him because I drew him, too! Many years ago while going through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. (Great book!)

  2. Yes It was pretty different to do. Yes you draw from the top to his feet. My son had the book in art school so I had the book in shelf still here.

    So it is some experience. Hard to believe I did it as I can hardly draw a complete circle ha-ha.

    I was laughing as I was doing in a page in my old sketch book. So I cut the page out as I had too.

    Amazing what the brain can do

  3. Good sketch of the man. I like the slight indication of hair on his head. You did a good job on the folds in his suit and oh, so many fun details. Love the glasses too...they are so hard to do!

  4. I see you "seeing" Carol! Bravo!

  5. you're doing a great job on these series of sketches! Keep going okay! :)

  6. I love this old gentleman! Such an old-fashioned feeling about him. Great sketching, Sparkle!


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