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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Humans and their activities, sketching, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I went out with the local Urban Sketchers group today, and at our beginning coffee I rapidly sketched everyone at the table -- squishing them in close, to fit them on the page.  They all were pensively glancing up and down as they alternated between looking at their subjects and looking at their paper.

If you are interested to see some of the sketches we produced here is the facebook album of them:


  1. Yes I am interested. All interesting. Thank you for sharing. We all are unique in faces

    unless a twin or a triplet. Very good all.

  2. It looks as though everyone is sketching everybody else, and it all makes a terrific group sketch, very confidently drawn and coloured.

  3. Urban sketchers are so good at sketching other urban sketchers...just perfect built in models. Nice!!!

  4. How lovely to join in the Urban sketchers - great sketch of group :-)

  5. Very cool, how you are all sketching each other or other people at once. I looks like you had some fun subjects. I loved the old fashioned telephones!

  6. yes our country also has the urban sketchers group inspired by the original.. lol. this is a unique take on sketching on location where you sketch the artists. great work!

  7. I love all these forms and faces, Elaine!


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