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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Human Beings and how they spend their time, Jazz, Jez

Dixieland Jazz Band - Jez
This is a sketch on a pre-painted page drawn on holiday a few years ago.  The man is actually playing a guitar - the big horn (a euphonium?) behind him was held by another band member, but I never got around to including him.

Back at the holiday lodge I even added a little haiku:

Dixieland Jazz Men,
Hot music for hot weather.
Passers-by pass by.


  1. Very good Jez even back then your sketching. .

  2. Everyone is doing such great sketches. Good work

  3. Nice sketch of the man playing the guitar! I like your easy style of ink lines.

  4. Great sketch! And that's a biiiig horn!

  5. wonderful capture of the emotions and moment of this musician, jez:)


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