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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Humans and their Activties, "Another Art Lesson" by Lynn Cohen

Might as well give you the final lesson from Jane La Fazio at Sketchbook Skool today . We worked using a penciled, measured grid to learn composition. We drew in pencil first. (this not my style) But it was okay. And good, as if I'd done it my way I'd have grabbed a black pen and dove in. I did the pencil and then used water colors to paint it. Then realized I had a purple Micron pen in my cup on my desk and it was perfect to outline the "red cabbage". I also then saw I also had a red Micron pen which I used on the strawberries. I'd only wished I also had a green Micron for the leaves, but I did not. A little humor got into this one as I started eating the strawberry before I was done using it as a model.

The nine square grid we drew got all but erased. Others left in some squares as did the teacher. I guess I rebelled about that. I like my results.


  1. I like this a lot! The big bold colors, your beautiful script, and of course your sense of humor :) What were the squares used for?

  2. Wow, fabulous art. They look good enough to eat!

  3. Gorgeous drawing, and it's interesting that although you followed the different route to get there that the teacher suggested, it is still very much a Lynn sketch and not far at all from your usual lively style - you shine through. That cabbage is great - and what was wrong with a taste of that, or did you nibble at the cabbage as well as the strawberry. Your writing is lovely, it makes the sketch look so good.

  4. Nice and colorful, plus humor makes for much interest.

  5. This is very good Lynn. I could take a bite out of the to they look so real. :)

  6. I don't blame you for taking a bit out of the strawberry! Great job on all the layers inside the red cabbage and nice juicy look to the strawberry. Did the class focus on text too? Your writing looks so neat!

  7. A grid seems like an overly precise method for such organic shapes but it's fun to try different things. The results are certainly pleasing!


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