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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Humans and their activities, Sirkka Jalava

In wintertime there are many activities going on during the dark evenings. Once a week we are some people gathering together and drawing qroquis and painting a living model.  Modeling is one activity, the painting an other. Here I have only the model.  But you can see in your
 imaging a group around her which is drawing or painting.

These are perhaps 5 -10 minutes drawings.


  1. When my son took art in University he had a 18 year old girl to use as a model very firm breasted and all. . Then they had an older lady like myself. he said I never realized at 70 the body looks so horrid. The boobs down to second shelf and yikes wrinkles. So I am laughing here.

    Thinking how he felt so young a University looking at the models and having to draw them or sketch them.

  2. Your life drawing sketches are beautiful and so good for the rapid drawing in 5-10 minutes. I love the back view, you have the pose so perfectly and her hips are sumptuous. I like the way you have used shading. Almost every life-drawing class I have been to we have only had very elderly models, and because we are a small area it was so often the same man with the same problems Sparkle has described in her comment, including the boobs.

  3. Sirkka, these are lovely! How great that you get to do life drawing each week. Nice shading, especially on the second one.

  4. So nicely done, Sirkka! I wish we had live model drawing available here but I don't know if i'd be quick enough, even if we did.

  5. this is a cool activity and the sketches you've done captured their forms nicely. never experience sketching live models before.

  6. Thanks to all your comments! I can only say, that it is interesting genre to draw life model, young or old, femal or mal. you will never become surprised of anything. Everything is so natural. Now it will be a break in model painting a year or so.


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