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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Human Beings And How They Spend Their Time, Joan Tavolott

Today I took a trip to Bellport to drop off a painting for a show. While I was there I went looking for suitable subjects to paint and sketch. First I painted a tree in glorious bloom and then headed down to the dock. This lady was walking her dog (who had a lovely little red jacket on). Luckily the dog walked slowly so I had time to get the sketch down before she continued off the dock area.


  1. Such a sweet little scene of this lady with her dog.

  2. I love dog walkers! You hardly ever see them here, since there are so few areas with sidewalks and everything is so spread out, you can't really walk to anything. It's kind of odd to think you are still bundling up there. I was hot in a sleeveless T, today.

  3. Ann - Thanks!

    Melisa - I love areas where you can walk around the town, like Bellport. It seems like everyone there has a dog and they are usually out walking them.

  4. very nice capture of them! it's nice that you also included the background details.

  5. Another little dog with a red jacket! I always love your background details just as much as the foreground, you include so much it's a pleasure to look. She looks a very patient lady with her slow dog. A young woman used to walk past us each day on her way to work with her little chihuahua's head peeping out of her bag, so he must have been welcome at her workplace, or perhaps he hid quietly in the depths of the bag.

  6. Thanks Elisa and Jez. This little dog did quite a bit of walking at his slow pace. I had passed them a few blocks before the dock so I know they were walking at least as far as that. It was a nice day for an afternoon stroll.

  7. You put so much detail into your pictures. Very lovely.

  8. Thanks Carol Ann! I was going to just sketch the woman and the dog, but I was at the dock and figured I might as well sketch the background too.


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