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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Pitt Pen,  Watercolour added at home - Jez
Yesterday Dev had his first appointment with a chiropodist for toenail cutting - he's been finding his feet get further and further away everyday.  I was tucked in the corner of the small room of what had been a Victorian cottage in the centre of our town.

I could never have imagined that anyone cutting toenails could constantly move and stretch, change position, and fling legs right out to one side as he did.  Perhaps he was trying to make it difficult for me to sketch him.  Fairly pleased with it given the strange angle and the chair-dancing chiropodist.


  1. Oh amazing what you did. Your very gifted. I like this.. I want to make another different blogger with my art. Can I do that with the blooger set up. I am not a savvy like that.

    Can you explain to me how you do it. You have my addy. The same system of my blogger but go up and make other titles is that how one does it?

  2. Oh I see this is a site you can join if you do paints,drawing. I am reading on side bard. Is it weekly or just when you get something done. I did just now my two family first water paint cards if that counts. Oh it will give me some boldest to sketch again. I do have some sketches I did already. You may have seen them but I would love to join this group. Of course I would be just a real beginner not nothing of what you do or perhaps others. What do you think?..I have some things on my file cds I did. Can you get back to me with my questions.

  3. Sparkle - you need to contact Lynn by going through the procedure she describes under 'About and How to Join PPP&P'. You just post whenever you have something you want to share. It's great for getting encouragement to keep sketching, and you wouldn't be the only 'beginner'. Best thing: contact Lynn, she will help you through the way to join and post.

  4. I got such a kick out of your description of the dancing doctor! I love his muscular arms. You did this so well under those circumstances! I would say the whole picture dances!

    1. Yes, I was mesmerised by these muscular arms and they must be gym muscles, can't see cutting toenails develop many.

  5. Jez, I love that you sketched this!!! There are so many things that people do on a daily basis that are such fun character studies. This is great!!

  6. What a wonderful sketch, Jez. It has such life and movement.


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