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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Human beings and how they spend their time, The Reader, Rob Kulas

As she read her book I tried to sketch her in my Moleskine. 
Because I do a lot of landscapes I tend to see everything through the eyes of a landscape painter. 
Her curly hair was fun and I imagined drawing trees, and bushes. 
Her oversized hoodie reminded me of of hills, valleys and other topography. 
I don't know if my sketch does her justice, but it was really enjoyable to do.

The Reader
9B Graphite Pencil in Moleskine Sketchbook
(Click image to expand)


  1. Your interesting description about seeing trees, hills and valleys gave me a lot to think about, and I shall try this some time. I always find hair difficult, particularly curly hair. Your drawing, as always is marvellous, and I love the dense, cross-hatched background.

  2. This is really alive this picture of this lady. Great!

    Carol Ann

  3. You know what impresses me? How well you got her glasses on right! The whole thing sings! I bet it looks just like her too. Is she someone you know personally?

  4. Rob, this is super! Great shading on her hair and face. Doing a person is really not much different than doing a landscape, you're right. It is just arranged a bit differently.

  5. This is beautiful, Rob, and I love your narration for how you translated your experience with landscapes to this portrait...

  6. This is so beautiful, love your works!

  7. It's all about shapes and values, right? You did a terrific job. I see the similarities. I bet it looks just like her.


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