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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Art Supplies by Lisa Richards

I just love drawing/painting art supplies! This is just a quick little wonky sketch I did before running off to work. Maybe I'll do something with color later, though there isn't much color to do. The brushes have clear acrylic handles and the water container is!

I just wanted to make something for this two week period. Hopefully, I will draw more. This one was so quick, maybe I should do this more often. I love this "pen-without-pencil-first" type of sketching!
I know, the perspective is very off. I like to call it "naïve", lol! A fun unselfconscious way to draw!


  1. Great sketch, Lisa, and I like the 'wonkiness' of it. This is one of the interesting differences between considered work and quick sketching. Your sketch has liveliness and immediacy and I love it. Yes, drawing directly with pen is so satisfying, and I am learning to sketch more quickly with PPPP and not worrying too much about how accurate it is.

  2. Now I'm going to get paint brush envy...oh how I love art supplies :-)

  3. Lisa I love it. It's my style of drawing all the time, pen first! Although I've been learning a few other ways of late, it remains my favorite style.
    Your brushes are fine as is. Perhaps you'll paint our paint set next and we'll get color!

  4. Lisa, sketching and painting art supplies is always fun and I love other people's sketches of them too. Looks like you're all set!

  5. Very nice, Lisa! I agree with everyone - the quick lines have so much personality! I wouldn't trade it.

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone! :)

  7. This is lively! Nice job! And I love also to drawing directly with pen<3

  8. your line works are just right lisa.. and drawing without pencil is freeing! what nice brushes!


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