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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Humans And Their Activities", "Colorful Musicians", Lynn Cohen

I said yesterday that I was segueing into the new theme which starts today!
I used new art supplies to color this drawing: Prismacolor Premier pencils, as that is my lesson for the week over at Sketchbook Skool with Koosje in Amsterdam. I am supposed to be learning to blend colors and make fruit pop. It will take some time like everything else and lots of practice, as I have never used colored pencils before.
Again these are the musicians we've seen before and hope to see and hear again.
This time it was for the Art About in Davis, CA on April 11.
I had fun sitting outside drawing them and then going home to do the coloring.
They are between songs here, thus the weird angles of their guitars!


  1. fun sketch lynn. i can see hatching lines. you're doing very good with this medium.

    1. Thanks Elisa, I appreciate your eye and feedback.

  2. Nice pencil work, Lynn, and the colour adds so much character to the figures.

    1. I'm glad my new learning of using colored pencils is showing to be acceptable in my art. Yes, I too thought the color brought this particular picture to life.

  3. Great sketch of the live music performers Lynn.

  4. Fun sketch of the musicians!!! You captured them well!

  5. Hahaa, this is so great! I would have to practice using colored pencils too. But you have good start here! :) I'm looking forward to seeing more your colored pencil works! :)


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