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Monday, April 21, 2014

Humans and their activities "Chores Work" by Elisa Choi

Mom busy at the kitchen washing freshly bought meat at the market. She didn't change her blouse to a comfortable home clothes though but i like the stripes of colors.


  1. Elisa, I like this painting. It is so nice to see your mom washing. Good to see people with their every day works.

  2. I love your bright sketch with your mum's colourful striped blouse which really makes the picture sing, and the pink doors to the kitchen units. Yes, these jobs may not be glamourous but they have to be done, and at least your 'model' keeps fairly static while you draw.

  3. I love your sketch Elisa. She does look quite busy.:)

  4. I can feel her there, wondering what she is thinking as she fixes the meat for supper. The "coat of many colors" is a bright addition to this drawing. Thanks for sharing these bits of family life Elisa.

  5. You have such wonderful sketches of your family doing just normal things. Great sketch!!

  6. I love her coat, too, Elisa! You've caught her perfectly in your painting.

  7. Thanks so much for all the warm words everyone!


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