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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Human Beings and how they spend their time, Baby-care, Jez Eden

Pitt Pen and Watercolours - Jez
It was 1939 and my mother, sister and I had been sent back to England, leaving my father at his naval base, and for me it was the first time in England, so cold and wet, in what seemed a dark house with very little furniture.  My sister and I played in the almost empty front room and 'looked after' my baby brother.  I'm the little horror in the pink dress.

We were rather mischievous children, and one day we had the idea of giving him roundabout rides on the wind-up gramophone that was one of the few things in the room.  My sister  would wind the handle and start the turntable going and my job was to hold him on.  I don't know how he grew up to be so normal!

I drew this from my memory and imagination last Thursday in the Blood Clinic, just as a change from drawing other people in the waiting room, and painted it at home.


  1. Your childhood memory is great to see here. Kids will be kids, and I expect your little brother actually enjoyed all the attention from his sisters :-)

  2. What a great story!!! I hope you share this sketch with your siblings!

  3. Yes, I'm thinking of sending a copy to my sister. We often talk of the scrapes we used to get up to in our very free wartime childhood in Devon, but not this one yet.
    Thanks to you and to Ann - funny how a memory like this can pop up in an unexpected moment.

  4. What a wonderful story Jez. Love the sketch of course.:)

  5. I am laughing so hard I might choke! This image of your baby brother on the record spinning around is hysterical. Yes, amazing. Does he have vertigo now? I wouldn't be at all surprised. Thanks for sharing this delightful tale. An interesting time it was and glad you all survived it.

    1. Your drawing is as delightful as is your story!

  6. I just love your story and sketch...I am still smiling. At first I looked at the picture and thought you were pinching him until I read the description of what was going on and I started to laugh. How all of us tortured our siblings! LOL I sometimes wonder how we are still speaking to each other.

  7. This is too funny, Jez. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. I am smiling right now as I type this. This is such a good memory of your siblings and I can see the funny look of you and the curiosity of your brother. Also you are very good at illustrating Jez. I myself cannot draw like that and found that I draw better when I see it. Good job!!!

  9. Thank you all so much for your comments. What with humour, and sadness too, and everything in between, this topic has really captured our interest, so thank you Elisa.

  10. Such a great memory and you were able to illustrate it so well.

  11. Very beautifully illustrated Jez.

    My computer has been down for five days.


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