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Monday, April 21, 2014

Human Beings And How They Spend Their Time, "At Church" by Joan Tavolott

By now you can tell that I will sketch anything, anywhere and anytime (or almost anytime). 
Yesterday when we went to Easter Sunday Mass I brought along my tiny moleskin journal and a pencil. If you want a good seat on holiday you have to get their early, so I might as well use the extra time for sketching. This family sits in front of me a lot on Sundays and yesterday the mom had her sister with her. I could tell they were sisters because when they turned around they could have been twins...maybe they were. The couple on the right has a little boy, Elijah and a new baby girl who was sleeping in the carrier so you can barely see her head with a flowered headband on it.


  1. Cute row of folks! Made me smile!

  2. Lovely drawing! You really sketch everywhere! I have much to learn. I just can not go out and draw people! I am too shy for it!

  3. I like this little row of people, so clearly sitting waiting patiently and passing the time with quiet comments to each other. I've drawn in churches, but only the architecture and objects, which I am sure you have done, but this is a good idea. Lovely little sketch.

  4. Good use of your time Joan. Church congregations make a great subject :-)

  5. Hi Joan. Wonderful sketch of church time. It's a reminder as well to me to go to church.:)

  6. Thanks, everyone!!! The only time I seem to sketch in church is Easter Sunday. I am usually lucky I am on time the other Sundays. lol


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