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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Human Beings And How They Spend Their Time, "Attending a Special Event" by Joan Tavolott

We all have special events that we attend with family and friends. Last year I went to the wedding of Mike and Rachel outside San Diego, CA. Mike is one of my special nephews and he and his wife had their wedding on a ranch out in the valley. It was a perfect day all around...not too hot (which we were dreading) and the spot was gorgeous. They had the ceremony under these bit trees which were decorated with window frames with flowers on them. Rachel is a wedding planner so they thought of just about everything. They even released two white doves in memory of Mike's mom (my sister) and  Rachel's dad. It was just a gorgeous wedding of two gorgeous people. I did this from one of the photos I took at the wedding. IRL they are much better looking than in the sketch.


  1. they are beautiful and very happy. this is a special piece. :)

    1. i want to add that this is a good gift for the couple. :)

  2. Such a lovely painting of a wonderful day :-)

  3. Lovely painting, they look so happy and 'together', I like the gentle way he has his hand on her shoulder. The frame idea is unusual and attractive, and adds an extra interest to the image.

  4. Thanks everyone! I had intended to do an actual painting of them as a gift...maybe for their second anniversary. lol


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