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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humans, activities The Highness Sits From His Throne Carol Ann Henstra


  1. Very nice sketch! What material did you use for this?

  2. I used an art pencil. And my sketch book. I do need a questioned answered to help me along the way.

    I seem to use my eraser allot as I am new. It gets rather grungy the eraser and it looks like a dirty eraser then a white. How can I clean it and with what?

  3. A lovely sketch of 'His Very Tubby Highness', he seems very proud of all his buttons.
    The answer to your pencil and eraser question - start as soon as you can using only a black pen, Pitt Artists Pens are excellent, in varying point sizes, and are completely waterproof so that watercolour can be added without problems. It takes a bit of nerve to start with, but it means that you don't need an eraser because you can't rub out. Have a go - nothing to lose but a piece of paper.

  4. I see Jez. Now I have black pens but I am as Leary as why my ink seems to dry out.

    I have a problem with that. I know you have to have the lids on more then you have off. ( Ha-ha) I use fine pen and I have by pilot Hi tec-point, bic permant.


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