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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Humans Activities, "Really Quick in Line Line Drawing", Lynn Cohen

This was done really quickly while in line at Costco for gas just a few hours ago. Barely had time to do this much when it was my turn at the pump.

Sometimes a quickie is better than nothing at all. LOL Hope so anyway!


  1. Oh wow! That is excellent!

    My computer has been down so have been less in here.

  2. Wow! that was quick - Lynn Quick on the Draw...even I haven't managed to sketch whilst waiting for a pump!

  3. Love your quick continuous line. It pays to have sketching materials at all times.

  4. Definitely, Lynn! And I like this one! Love the jumble of bikes superimposed on the car. Encapsulates so much of how things feel, esp when you're waiting in line :)

  5. Quick Draw McCohen. No kidding. Good work.

  6. Nothing passes time faster then occupying the brain. Nice job capturing this while waiting ..sometimes those lines can be long and frustrating waiting. Especially here in Oregon since we are not allowed to pump our own gas.

  7. lynn i enjoyed this. this is also good for the next next theme dont you think ;) lovely lines!

  8. It's amazing how such a quick sketch under the pressure of time has so much vivacity and life in it, and passes on the moment and the speed of the artist's hand. I love this sketch - bikes in particular are so complex to draw and you've got all the essential parts.

  9. You are just too good in your sketches. Great job!


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