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Monday, March 31, 2014

Vacations & Holidays "Waiting at the Airport" by Elisa Choi

I sketched my dad when we were waiting for our flight to Macau last March. He was busy playing games on his phone. During our trip to Macau I wasn't able to sketch on location as we were always on the go. This theme will be a good excuse to pull some of the photos and sketch them. Thank you Lynn for hosting this friendly blog. Thanks for the new theme Ann. Take care everyone! :)


  1. Good sketch, Elisa, he looks very relaxed. Probably happy to be going off on holiday.

  2. What a great sketch of your dad :-)

  3. You did a lovely sketch of your father while you were waiting, Elisa! Nice to remember that travel via your sketch!

  4. Love this sketch and your dad's relaxed attitude, Elisa!

  5. I sketched waiting passengers to kill time on my last air trip. The sketches were not nearly as good as yours. I will have to find those and see if I can do anything with them.

  6. Elisa, I almost missed this sketch. Love his relaxed look in your sketch...nicely done. I like to sketch at the airport since it gives me something fun to do while you wait and wait. I hope you find the photos and do sketches of some of them.


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