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Monday, March 31, 2014

Gardens & Parks, sitting in garden Sketch 'painted' by Cris Marlow

 I painted my sketch I did sitting in the yard but I forgot it wasn't watercolor paper so it didn't take the paint very well and grabbed the color and it also puckered. I should have used colored pencils on it. The sunflower came out better.
in case you missed it below this is the sketch which I like better.


  1. I like how the color brings this scene to life! The chicks all different colors. Milo lazing on grass. And yes that sunflower now pops!

  2. I like how the color really livens up the chickens. Looks good!

  3. Thank you both. Its really only sketching paper. but it cried for color. :)

  4. I love farm scenes, because they remind me of my childhood at my grandmother's ranch. Blessings!

  5. I'm always doing that, using watercolour when I shouldn't. But if it looks good and pleases us, what does it matter!

  6. Hadn't finished comment! The colour really does bring life into the scene and expresses the feeling of that moment. Yes, that lovely sunflower bookmark looks so good in colour.

  7. It doesn't matter that the paper buckled up a bit, I'm sure it will settle down. Lovely painting :-)

  8. Thanks everyone. Ann the paper did simmer down a bit but the paint just wouldn't spread and grabbed where I didn't want it to but the color does bring it out more and makes me happier so it was worth it like Jez said. :))


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