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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parks and Gardens GloriaV

I drew this yesterday. It is an outside scene, but lives in my dreams. I did a post on this on my blog and then realized I can use the picture here too since it pertains to the outside world so to speak. There is a small garden of flowers about the diner.
My imaginary mind says this little diner named Gloria's Comida (food) serves the peoples well. Lots of flowers and a shade tree with tables around so peoples can eat outside if they so desire. Small and quaint place. Ipad/P53
Gloria's Comida #1

glv-#1 PPPP 2014


  1. Gloria, this looks like my kind of place! Of course I'd come to eat the chili and draw the other patrons. Sweet little garden around it too! Perfect for our theme!

  2. I like your imagination Gloria and I would visit this place if it were there for real.

  3. Gloria, this looks very inviting for me too so I could with pleasure sit down there and eat something!

  4. i thought it's real! I see tacos and immediately i'm craving for one. i like to go to this place and hang out and draw with you guys

  5. What a fun place!! You can dine and enjoy the garden all at the same time.

  6. This looks like exactly the kind of place that we like to eat at best. Small, interesting, and friendly!

  7. Hi everyone. I will be at your posts today. Things have been busy. Sorry about that. I want to thank you for liking this imagination diner. That is an inspiration that you like it because I have so much problem sketching/drawing buildings. etc. Thank you all very much. hip hop hooray? or is it hip hip hooray. tee hee.

  8. What a good idea to paint an imaginary picture, it looks a pleasant, quiet place to sit outside and eat a light lunch. Your building looks fine to me.


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